PFC President(s) Spring Message, 2020-21
Thu, May 27 6:49pm

Hi Walnut Acres Families, 

What a pleasure it has been to serve as the Walnut Acres PFC President these past two years! Yes, we had some historic times, but the Jaguars keep right on going. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the PFC Executive Team, the PFC Board, Principal Luong, our talented teachers, supportive staff, and generous families for your hard work and community spirit.  

PFC 2020-21 Accomplishments:

  • Our Income: As a non-profit with a mission to support and maintain programs at Walnut Acres, our goal this year was to raise a little over $250,000 in income. The fiscal year doesn’t end until June 30th, but with the future addition of Walk-A-Thon donations, it looks like we are on track to reach that goal! Thanks to everyone who donated to the Walnut Acres PFC this year. 
  • Our Expenses: Each year, parent donations are used to pay the expenses from the same school year. Your donations allowed us to reimburse MDUSD for six staff salaries, paid all Walnut Acres print shop costs, and paid for instructional supplies, student enrichment, online subscriptions and teacher classroom supplies, in addition to other expenses. Our expenses are on track, with one final payment to MDUSD for Q4 salaries. 
  • Want to see the numbers? You can visit the Current Year Budget page on the PFC website. Check out the Budget vs. Actuals for 2020/2021. 
  • Our PFC Community: In a normal year, our PFC Key Dates calendar is action packed! While we had to skip many well-loved events this year due to Covid, I want to thank the parent volunteers who ‘carried on’- whether you were in charge of Teacher Appreciation, Book Fair(s), Walk-A-Thon, Read-A-Thon, or Community Service Drives. And thank you to those who supported these events!

Brooke Giddings
Walnut Acres Elementary PFC President 2019-21


A quick hello from your next PFC President!  First, I would also like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Brooke for her work not just these past two years as PFC President, but the years prior that she filled many other board positions.  It’s been great to work alongside you.  See you around the neighborhood!

I know I am looking forward to all the next school year will have for students and us, as parents.  I look forward to planning and attending all the events we couldn’t have this school year (and last).  It’s going to feel so good to see you all with your morning coffee in hand at drop off and even better to see little, happy feet running to their classrooms!  The PFC Exec team is actively working on our calendar for next year and already planning events, like Jag Day and Auction as I type this.  

Speaking of the PFC board, I’d love to get our last positions filled before we all go our separate ways for the summer.  The remaining positions aren’t too taxing and we have plenty of information from years past to help you get started, along with support from those already in board positions now.  Please consider signing up for any of the following positions:

  • Art Awareness - Love art?  Love art done by your kids?  The ideal person for this role has been a part of the Art Awareness program in the past as a grade level lead or volunteer and has an art background, formal or informal.  I admit, this one is more taxing, but I promise you’ll have support from me and other art loving volunteers!  You can even find a friend to help you with this!

And now the actual less taxing positions….

  • Book Fair - Have a love for reading?  And certainly a love for watching your kids read?  Help raise money for our school at the same time as getting our kids stocked up on books for the Readathon in November.
  • Community Service Day - Is “Giving and Doing” a passion of yours?  Help us plan and run this single day event that helps enhance our school grounds!
  • After School Enrichment - Want to make sure we get all our kids active again Help us plan out enrichment activities to stimulate mind and body beyond the school day...and give more time in your day!
  • Open House - How fun is it to walk through your kid’s classroom at the end of the year to see what great work they did?  Or see the STEM lab they talk so fondly about all year?  Come plan Open House!
  • School Supply Kits - Do you click that button for one stop ordering of school supply kits?  This position kicks into gear in May for the following school year.  Sign up now and you get to wait a full year before we need you!  
  • Drive Thru Coordinator - Who doesn’t love to start their day with smiling faces helping them out of the car and off to school?  Get our signups for drive thru monitors rolling (see what I did there?)!   

And if you just can’t sign up for one of these positions, we understand.  Not everybody can, but we don’t need EVERYBODY, we just need SOMEBODIES!  

Regardless if you give time, money or both, it is such an honor to be a part of a wonderful community.   I wish you all a safe, fun and adventure filled summer break! We look forward to seeing you at Jaguar Day (tentatively scheduled for August 9, 2021) and our next PFC meeting,  August 17, 2021. Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or suggestions.
Melanie Mitsch
Walnut Acres Elementary PFC President 2021-23