Parent Buy-in-Party Update
Tue, Apr 28 9:08am
Hello Walnut Acres Parents;
I hope this email finds you all safe and healthy.   Our first Parent Buy in Party, Party at the Moon Tower, was supposed to be held next weekend followed by our WA Annual Golf Tournament in May,  and the Beer Olympics in August.  At this time we cannot hold the Party at the Moon Tower or our Golf Tournament.   We will have to see how the current situation plays out over the next few months before making decisions about the buy in parties that are scheduled for later in the year.  We are hoping to still hold all of these parties at later dates.  As the current situation changes we will continue to update you on the parties.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, Sarah Waters or Veronica Wiesner. 
Thank you for your understanding.  We look forward to a time when we can celebrate our children, our school and this beautiful place we live in.
Be safe,
Danielle Getty