President's Message - November 2021!
Thu, Nov 4 1:00pm

Greetings Walnut Acres families!

I hope the fall has been treating you all well.  Halloween was a blast both at school on Friday and out in the neighborhood!  So nice to see you and your kids enjoying it all.


And now the holidays are upon us!  I know many of you think of volunteerism around the holidays.  Along those lines, a HUGE thank you to those of you that have helped out with everything we have needed volunteers for since school began.  From Jag Day, to lunch time help, to book fair this week and EVERYTHING in between.  We can do so much because of the volunteers that come out to join us.


We would love to see more faces and names signing up for volunteer spots to share the time with those that come out for everything.  Consider signing up for events with friends or make new friends with parents in your kid’s class by signing up for events together!  Most of all, please don’t wait to sign up until you see if you’re needed.  You are always needed!  It takes our whole community to share the time needed to put in place what we do.    If you don’t know how to find something that fits into your schedule, please reach out to me and we’ll get you something you can do in off hours.  And if you still need to be cleared to volunteer, follow these instructions.  We could use a few more volunteers for the last couple days of the book fair.  Sign up here!


I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season, filled with all the traditions that are important to your family.  Mark your calendars for the PFC holiday party on December 7th.  All parents and guardians are invited!  More details to come.


As always, reach out to me, Melanie Mitsch at if you need to discuss anything.  Please continue to do your part in keeping all our kids safe and healthy, by practicing proper COVID protocols (wearing masks, keeping your child home if sick) and practicing safe pickup and drop off procedures.  And as always, keep showing up for our community and kids.  Together we Shine!


Join us for the next PFC Meeting on November 16th.  

Melanie Mitsch

Walnut Acres Elementary PFC President