Psst. VIP List. I'm looking for YOU!
Fri, Apr 12 4:00pm-11:55pm
1 day before


But really... awesome HUmans - YOU. Everyone. The more the merrier!


You want to be a VIP? On “the list”? With the DJ? Do you like being backstage? Do those behind-the-scenes action reels fill your algorithm?

Then I have an exciting opportunity for YOU!! Do it for our students! 


Volunteer for to be apart of the super exciting operations committee during the April school auction party. You will have the best seat in the house, shift time options, flair and things to do, so you can still have a great time "aboard" the WAES SS Flip Fantasia  and also feel great about your sweat equity, for our students! 

Please sign-up here, you can always reach out to me on Konstella (Angela Baker Johnson), with your (commitment to help) questions. There is free food, free parking and I’m fun, so there’s that. PLUS- If you haven’t purchased a ticket, you won’t have to!


Thank you so much in advance for your generous contribution to this wonderful night. 


Early/Opening Signed Up: 4 / 12

Fri, Apr 12 4:00pm-8:00pm
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Late/Closing Signed Up: 1 / 12

Fri, Apr 12 8:00pm-11:55pm
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