Sun, Dec 12 10:20am

This year's Read-A-Thon truly embodied the "Together We Shine" theme! We set a goal of $30,000 and we are thrilled to announce that we raised $49,058!!!  In addition, we had a 53% participation rate, and our students read a combined total of 180,000 minutes!!!


Thank you to the Walnut Acres families for your immense generosity! Thank you to the teachers and staff for your enthusiastic support! Thank you to the students for your hard work and love of reading! We are so grateful for our Walnut Acres community! 



Most Minutes Read Per Class

$10 Amazon gift card


TK: Jacob Gross (Garcia-Roy)


KINDERGARTEN: Madeleine An (Erdiakoff), Kira Burton (Kading), Josephine Girot (Archibald), Nicholas Kuthan (Ayllon). 


1ST GRADE: Yosra Gawhary (Andrada), Douglas Jacobson (Carella), Sophie Wiens (Erdiakoff), Landon Regenstein (Proctor).


2ND GRADE: Daniel Adelson (Ng), Chloe Burton (Cowles), Sheila Girot (Marttila), Audrey Ling (Graves), Elias Ramey (Gerbacio).


3RD GRADE: Julian Pomp (Graves), Alysse Sabandal (Cattalini), William Saunders (Steinert), Theodore Zacks (Diebel).


4TH GRADE: Aisha Lee (Arenson), Spencer Regenstein (Myers), Alicia Yao (Buckingham). 


5TH GRADE: Quinn Diebel (Davis), Sienna Reed (Aring), Matilda Rees (Clark/Reamy), Anna Yang (Bornstein). 


Most Money Raised Per Grade

$20 Amazon gift card


TK: Archer Moore (Garcia-Roy) 

KINDERGARTEN: Macaria Neville (Ayllon)

1ST GRADE: Kolby Kyono (Carella)

2ND GRADE: Sheila Girot (Marttila), Graham Harris (Gerbacio).

3RD GRADE: Kelso Kyono (Steinert)

4TH GRADE: Desmond Evans (Myers)

5TH GRADE: Emma Grayson (Bornstein)


Top Fundraising Classrooms

$100 Amazon gift card for a class celebration


TK - 1st GRADE: Mrs. Allyon's class ($3,901)

2ND GRADE - 3RD GRADE: Mr. Marttila's class and Mrs. Steinert's class ($3,085)

4TH GRADE - 5TH GRADE: Ms. Bornstein's class ($2,596)


Gift Basket Raffle


Joseph Ventura (Graves)


**Gift cards will be given out to the winners on Monday, 12/13**