Rainy Day (HOT Day) Lunch Helpers - please sign up
Wed, Aug 30 8:08pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

When rainy days (or extra HOT days) come, we depend on parents to help supervise students in each classroom during lunchtime. Please sign up for your child's classroom, by day of the week that you can be available. The office will send a message to that day's group when parents are needed on a particular day. To sign up, click on the link to the day you can help.

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Friday Sign Up

On your rainy day, please check in at the office and then go to the MUR to meet the class by:

First Grade:  11:20 am.   Lunch ends at 12:00 pm.

Second Grade:  11:40 am.  Lunch ends at 12:20 pm.

Third Grade:  12:00 pm.  Lunch ends at 12:40 pm.

Fourth and Fifth Grades: 12:20 pm.  Lunch ends at 1:00 pm.

After signing in at the office, you will go to the MUR and check in with the Lunch Supervisors. You will then take the class back to the classroom and the teacher will have various activities for them to choose from while you are there. You will stay in the classroom until the teacher returns from lunch. 

Thank you for volunteering to cover rainy (or hot) day lunches for a classroom so our teachers can enjoy a break in their day.