Read-A-Thon Volunteers Needed - Join the Committee!
Fri, Oct 20 2:32pm
Lynette Myers

The Read-A-Thon teams needs you! This is the first big PFC fundraiser of the year, and it's a great one. The goal is to get our kids reading more AND raise funds for the school. We've been busy prepping and planning, now we're down to the wire and need your hands to take it to the finish line. There are a variety of jobs with different dates/ times. Join the committee to take a peek at the jobs, and sign-up of course. Example of the jobs include: Making and hanging signs (it will be super fun... promise!), creating and staffing our launch events (including a backyard, American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course), baking goodies for our amazing teachers, prepping and tallying packets, handing out prizes and helping with the pizza parties. 


If you're interested in joining us, please sign-up for the committee or contact Katie Reed or Lila Samady for more information. In order to sign-up, you can click on the link below. The link from a mobile device is being a little finicky but from your desktop, it should be good to go. If the link fails you can always: 

1) On the desktop - Click on "Committees" on the side bar, then select "Read-A-Thon", then add yourself as a member.

2) On the app - go to the "Directory", select "Browse Committees", scroll through and select "Read-A-Thon". You should see the the committee openings and should be able to sign-up from there.

3) Let Katie or Lila know and we  can sign up for you! :)


Thank you!