Realizing this week how much our kids need school? That’s why we need to continue to support auction…
Tue, Mar 17 11:52pm


We’re counting on our virtual auction to help close the funding gap, so the educational programs our kids need to succeed will be ready for them when this pandemic subsides.

Here’s how it will work:

  • One Item Up for Bid Every 3-5 Minutes
    It’s a live virtual auction, with bidding on one item at a time, in catalog order. Starting at 8pm, we will accept bids on the first item for just 3-5 minutes before awarding the high bidder and moving on to the next item. You can bid to your max because you will know whether you’ve won before the next item opens up. So connect on time and pay attention, or risk missing out!
  • Connect at 8pm Friday and Bid on Featured Item
    Placing a bid is similar to the online auction – just log on, click the item featured on the first page, and click on a quick bid amount. We’ll post updates to @WalnutAcresPFC on Facebook throughout the event to help you keep up!
  • Beat the Bidding War with Best of Live Raffle Thursday
    For just $50 each, you can purchase Best of Live Raffle tickets for the chance to win first pick of five incredible items – with no bidding required! Raffle tickets go on sale Thursday morning through Friday at noon or until we sell out. And with only 50 tickets, they are sure to go fast! We will notify the winner by 4pm on Friday so you can select your item before bidding begins at 8pm.
  • Review the Catalog to Plan Your Night and Max Bids
    Wondering what items are available? Check out our attached Virtual Auction Catalog for descriptions and the order of bidding. You’ll see dates on most travel packages and unique experiences expire toward the end of this year or sometime next year, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your event after #ShelterInPlace ends! Select items like the Warriors tickets will be honored at a date in the future to be rescheduled with the winner.
  • Contribute to Fund a Need Throughout the Night
    We have a fixed number of items for auction, but everyone can support our Fund a Need to support visual and performing arts at our school.  The online auction site includes a variety of Fund a Need items at different price points - simply click on the one that matches the amount you are able to donate.

Go Big Even Though You’re Staying Home

The day we announced going virtual, I was so inspired by a parent who told me “I am going to look up my last year’s auction spend and commit to meet or exceed this year, either through online bids or a flat donation.” We are so fortunate to have such a generous community. A lot has happened in the past week, and we realize some of our families may no longer be in a position to contribute at the levels they had planned. But if those of us who are somewhat insulated from the financial challenges caused by COVID-19 can step up, it will protect programs at our school and benefit all our kids.


Thank you for whatever support you can give during #AcresAlmostAuction !