Recycling Fundraiser at School Drop-off Next Week!
Sun, Oct 1 7:17pm
Walnut Acres Elementary


 Recycling Fundraiser at Drop Off, Oct. 2-6th 

All next week at morning drop-off we are collecting CRV-labeled aluminum cans and plastic bottles. A Walnut Acres parent, Mike Jahnke, led this effort successfully last year with the kindergarten classes and we are now trying it school-wide.

Every first week of the month we will collect CRV beverage containers from you as you drop your child off at school. Recycled material will be exchanged for cash at a recycling center. If successful, the funds will be used for materials and activities for the Walnut Acres Recycling Club as well as recess supplies.
And a friendly reminder about School Drop Off....
Students may be dropped off at 7:45 am or later. There is no adult supervision available on campus prior to 7:45 am so please do not leave your children unattended before that time..

Drive-Thru Safety: This area exists to facilitate the smooth and safe drop off and pick up of students in a timely manner. In the morning, parent volunteers direct the traffic, open car doors, and greet students. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Drive carefully and slowly. Respect the directions of the volunteers.
  • There is to be NO pedestrian traffic in the drive-thru. Parents are not allowed to walk their children from Cerezo Drive through the staff parking lot. This is extremely hazardous.
  • Drop off children ONLY where there is a volunteer. Children should be ready to exit the car when you pull up. (Backpack ready and goodbyes said, then exit for a great day).
  • If you already dropped off your student, please don’t pass cars which are still dropping off or drive through the staff parking lot. 
  • Do not park in the staff parking lot.
  • Stop at the stop signs. Remember pedestrians have the right-of-way, especially when they are our children.
    Thanks for all that you do!