Recycling and Environmental Sustainability at Walnut Acres
Thu, Nov 29 9:21am
Walnut Acres Elementary

Did you know that Walnut Acres has a robust Recycling and Environmental Sustainability Program?  

Over the past several years, with the leadership of a handful of committed Walnut Acres parents, our school has established a variety of active recycling and sustainability initiatives. We encourage our students and parents to support these programs by taking advantage of the the tools we have in place and by looking for other ways in which we can be environmentally responsible. 

Before you read on about all the great stuff we are doing, please take a minute to vote for Walnut Acres to receive this Fall's "Community Waste Reduction Grant" from Contra Costa Recycles. Our Project is item #5 and is titled Promoting Conservation Awareness and Skill at Walnut Acres. Vote HERE! Voting closes this Friday, November 30.

Here are all the great things our Recycling and Sustainability Leaders are doing at Walnut Acres...

  • Student-led Recycle Club - 4th and 5th grade students collect the contents from blue recycling bins throughout campus. They also meet bi-weekly to discuss ways to improve recycling on campus. Most recently they put on a lunchtime skit demonstrating good recycling behaviors.
  • Recycle, Compost, and Garbage bins located throughout campus - the recycle and compost bins are relatively new and the students are still working on changing their habits but they are getting the hang of it. We encourage them to pay attention to the bins and use them appropriately so they can establish lifelong habits at school and at home.
  • Next week is "Recycle Week" at Walnut Acres. Every morning at drop off and every afternoon at pick up, volunteering parents and recycle club kids will "man" our recycling and trash bins on campus to inform parents and children about how to recycle correctly. 
  • Lunchtime recycling and composting program led by student "Recycle Leaders." In addition to our normal lunchtime recycling and composting, we are now Terracyclers. As such, we are adding a box where kids can recycle their empty squeeze food pouches and caps! We will collect them and send them off for recycling when the box is full. Check out the Terracycle program here.
  • Sustainability Committee - A PFC committee dedicated to improving our diversion rates campus wide. This means reducing landfill waste and increasing recycling and composting. Students are working hard to reduce their lunch waste and they have made great improvements! Classrooms are another potential source of waste and we have some guidelines for ways to make Walnut Acres more sustainable. Check out these guidelines on the PFC website here.
  • Monthly recycling drop off at the Drive Thru - cans and plastic bottles can be dropped off at the Drive Thru during the first full week of each month. Bring your aluminum cans and plastic bottles next week - December 3-7 and drop them off when you drop off your kids!
  • Reusable cups, plates, bowls, and utensils for use in classroom events - Contra Costa Recycles provided our school with reusable dishes and utensils that will be shared throughout the school. Room Parents are encouraged to use these items during classroom parties, in place of disposable plates, cups, and utensils. They can be found in bins in the PFC shed and may be "checked out" as needed. 
  • ColorCycle - Walnut Acres has joined schools throughout the US and Canada to collect and repurpose old markers.  There will be boxes in each classroom for teachers and kids to collect old markers - you can even bring your old markers from home. The Recycle Club kids will collect these and send them to ColorCycle. Check out the ColorCycle program here.

Thank you for supporting our efforts and helping to make our school an environmentally healthy place to learn!

Your Walnut Acres Recycle Club