Registration Reminder - STEM & Science Fair - Entry Forms Due Online Friday, January 26th
Thu, Jan 18 3:34pm

Walnut Acres STEM & Science Fair

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

Entry Forms Due on-line Friday, January 26th
Completed Experiments delivered to MUR Monday, February 12th

Walnut Acres students, grades K-5, are encouraged to think like young scientists and submit a project in any science-related or engineering field. Projects can be as varied as their interests: sports, music, art, rocketry, animals, psychology, food, computers, the environment or whatever intrigues them. Through their projects, students discover the exciting world of science and learn the basics of scientific exploration.


Projects are divided into two types:
Science Experiment: This is an experimental type of Science Inquiry project. It uses elements of Science and Engineering Practices, to carry out an experiment and test an idea.
Engineering Design (Invention): The use of scientific principles and the demonstration of creativity and ingenuity to overcome a real-world problem or show a better way of doing something.


On-line Registration:

In order to make the registration process as streamlined as possible, we encourage you to register on-line! Hard copy entry forms will be available by request only. 


Resources, ideas, and tips available on the PFC website


Questions or to request a hard copy entry form, contact Colin Dudley at