Required registration to continue in 100% DL or to change to Hybrid mode
Sat, Feb 20 10:38am

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Things are moving fast and we are continuing to plan for reopening of schools.


The Mt. Diablo Unified School District has just emailed 16,000 parents (with currently enrolled and attending MDUSD students) through the SurveyGizmo/Alchemer survey software tool regarding the need to “register” to either continue in 100% Distance Learning, or to change to a potential model where students continue Distance Learning in the morning and attend school for at least 2 days per week (e.g. Monday and Tuesday). 


Every student must be accounted for in this process, so this is imperative that you fill out the survey as your child's education (in person vs. 100% distance learning) will be guided by your personal response.


For the first pass, each family just received a “personal/individual” link this morning tied to their email.


I will be sending out a “generic” link for any family to use on Monday “if” you did not receive the specific link assigned to you. The district will also post this generic link on the main district website (possibly as early as tomorrow).


NOTE - Families should use the specific link instead of any generic link or the system will continue to email them as someone who has not responded.

Thank you for your time and assistance in this important matter.  



Principal Luong