Return to School Wishlist
Fri, Mar 12 9:24am
Hello Walnut Acres Parents! 
Walnut Acres staff and teachers are busy planning our return to campus. We have compiled an Amazon Wishlist of items that you may purchase and donate to the school. 
This Walnut Acres Wishlist will contain a variety of items. Right now, we are focused on a Safe Student Drop Off and Pick Up.  Our school needs cardstock to create signs, and cones and flags to mark areas for pick up. And, of course, a mega-phone to direct traffic! 
Please ship your purchases directly to Walnut Acres Elementary, 180 Cerezo Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94598. This is the shipping address requested in the wishlist. 
All of these items will help provide a safe return for our staff and students. We will announce more wish list requests as we get them from the school site. Next up? we are researching air purifiers for each classroom.
You can go to:  Walnut Acres Wishlist to review the list and add items to your Amazon cart. Thank you all so much for your generosity. We all look forward to getting the kids back on campus!
The Walnut Acres PFC