Strategic Spending Survey, open through TODAY!
Fri, Sep 30 3:35pm
9 days before, 6 days before, 3 days before

Hello Families,

 Coming out of covid, we find ourselves with a healthy strategic spending budget.  Strategic spending is an accumulation of money that was not spent as fully planned on budgeted expenses.  This happens when our income for the school year ends up higher than our expenses.  Examples include when we have a salary for a position that doesn't end up getting utilized for the entirety of the school year or we do better than expected on fundraisers.  The money we have for strategic spending is from years past, not the money we need to bring in this year and will be spending this year (please keep your donations coming in for this year's spending).

 We want to get a plan in place to start to spend that money on various things for our kids, whether it's a new program or physical improvements to the school, from big to small.

 We want your input.  Please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey to give us your opinion on what you think is most needed at our school.  

 As well, on the survey, you can opt in to be one of three parents on the strategic planning committee along with myself, our co-Treasurers, other exec team members, our Principal, and three other staff of WAE. If more than three parents step up, we will send out the names to a vote the first week of October.

Please complete the survey by TODAY, Friday, September 30th.  

 The strategic spending plan will be brought to a General PFC meeting when it is ready and will be voted on by all present at that meeting.  Advance notice will be given on the vote.