This Week: Drive-thru and drop off your aluminum cans and plastic bottles!
Sun, Apr 8 10:26am
Walnut Acres Elementary

 Got Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles?

All this week, April 9-13we are collecting CRV-labeled aluminum cans and plastic bottles at morning drop off. No need to get out of your car - just hand us the bag (or open your trunk for us) as you go through the drive thru!

Every first full week of the month, we will collect CRV beverage containers (please, no glass) from you as you drop your child off at school. Recycled materials will be exchanged for cash at a recycling center and the proceeds will be used for playground supplies, and for Walnut Acres Recycling Club supplies and activities. 

Drive Thru and Drop Off every morning April 9-13th!