Today's Shelter In Place
Wed, Feb 10 3:19pm

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Walnut Acres Elementary places high priority on school safety and we continually strive to enhance our school safety procedures. In an effort to keep you informed of happenings in our school community, I am writing to share that the Walnut Creek Police Department was contacted today to assist with a campus security incident.


At around noon today, an unidentified woman came onto the campus, entered the office, and went directly into the staff restroom. I attempted to communicate with the individual to assess the situation. After approximately 10 minutes, she exited the restroom and was asked to leave the office. The woman exited and returned to her vehicle. The police, who had already been contacted, arrived to further assess the situation. At that time, we were advised to have everyone on campus Shelter in Place.


An all-call was made for all staff, students, and parents on campus to Shelter in Place. The custodian and I promptly walked the campus to ensure that all parents either left the campus immediately or sheltered in place in the closest classroom. After ten minutes, the shelter in place was lifted, as I was informed the police had given the all-clear.    


Shortly after the incident was over, I held a debrief with the staff. I shared with them how proud I was of how seriously, promptly and calmly they all responded. There were parents and students on campus to pick up materials and I am also proud of how quickly they responded to the directions given. This was a successful implementation of our security procedures.

As always, our first priority is the safety of our students and staff.  We will continue to monitor our safety procedures to ensure that everyone on our campus is safe. We ask you to please continue to be vigilant of your surroundings when on campus, and continue to report any strangers to the office. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Lang Luong