Turn Hotel Points into Cash to Help Kids!
Thu, Jan 23 2:23pm

Did you know you can donate unused hotel points, airline miles, and other credit card rewards to charity? And what might seem like not quite enough points to you could make a big difference when we are creating getaway packages for the Walnut Acres auction.

Consider donating your points, miles, or other rewards to this year's auction!

Simply fill out the online donation form with details. Wanting to donate but not sure how? This article has great tips to point you in the right direction. And if you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact auctiondonations@walnutacrespfc.net with your questions. 

There's no need to save up for a trip to Venice because we'll be celebrating Carnivale right here in Walnut Creek in less than two months. So login to your reward accounts and start calculating your donation today!