Upload Your Yearbook Photos
Thu, Nov 11 8:35am

Thank you to all who have uploaded photos for the yearbook! 


Please continue to share your photos! If you are on campus or helping out in the classroom, library, or on a fieldtrip take a picture and share! Please submit any Halloween pictures by the end of November.


Upload your pictures for the yearbook:

1. go to: www.hjeshare.com Enter school code walnutacres, fill in your contact information

2. Click "select images for upload". Click "Browse for Images".

3. Locate our images, click on them, then click "Open".

4. Enter the information for each image. Please include "grade(s) of students" and provide the teacher's name if known. For "student(s) shown", type N/A.

5. Click "upload images".


Ordering a Yearbook:

Don't forget to order your 2021-2022 Walnut Acres Yearbook (cost $35.00) at: www.yearbookordercenter.com. Our School Code is 10053