Vote Tuesday November 6!
Mon, Nov 5 9:32am
Walnut Acres Elementary

Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day. Remember to vote!

** Your polling place might have moved to Walnut Acres Elementary! Please check your ballot. ** 

Vote Yes on Measure J - it's the last item on your ballot!

The  Walnut Acres PFC voted to endorse Measure J, a local bond measure that would provide funds to support repairing and improving MDUSD schools.

What is Measure J?

Measure J would restructure the existing bond, Measure C, and provide $150 million to upgrade our schools. The annual cost would be approximately $15 per $100,000 of assessed value (not market value) per year. All funds would support repairing and improving classrooms and facilities within the Mt Diablo School District.

Why Do We Need Supplemental Funding?

Many of our classrooms and school facilities are over 50 years old and need to be repaired to support a 21st century learning environment and ensure student safety. The last school bond (Measure C) was passed in 2010 and the money has almost all been spent. See below for your chance to share your opinion on where Measure J funds should be spent.

To learn more about Measure J, please visit for information provided by MDUSD, or 

Districtwide Facility Masterplan Survey: 

Here is your opportunity to tell MDUSD what is important to you regarding the district facilities and where money should be spent.

The district is currently developing a Facility Master Plan, a strategic facility plan that describes MDUSD's facilities alongside their purpose and plans for the future. The Plan is designed to fully assess the conditions of all of our school and district facilities. You can provide your feedback! Please complete the Facilities Priority Survey and help provide input for the master plan work.