Vote on Strategic Spending Initiatives at the PFC General Meeting next Tuesday, February 21st
Tue, Feb 14 4:00pm


Hello Families,


In late September, the PFC sent out a survey to both teachers and parents gathering feedback on how best to utilize our strategic funds this year. THANK YOU to all that took valuable time to complete this survey!!  We gathered this feedback and created a committee of parents, teachers and PFC leadership. The purpose of this committee (Strategic Spending Committee) is to take these ideas into consideration and propose to our PFC members actionable recommendations for a vote.


We reviewed these recommendations and organized them into categories - Facilities/Beautification, Teaching Support, Academic Support, Enrichment, STEM, Art/Music, Counseling/SEL Support, Safety, and others. Look for future communications on the efforts that have been made, not only through this committee, but also our amazing principal and leadership at Walnut Acres! 


To date, we have allocated funds for increased math/reading intervention specialists and also school-based murals that the kids will help design/paint.


At the General Session on Feb. 14th, we would like to vote on:


 1) Allocate $15,500 to STEAM supplies to be used for all grade levels.


Overview: There is a shortage of STEAM supplies for the children and we would like to purchase new items as some are no longer working and or would add to the class experience. These items were requested/vetted by Patty Galindo, STEAM Lead / Site Tech.


Solution: Increase our children’s engagement in STEAM with these items / activity kits. These can be used this year and through future years at Walnut Acres Elementary.

Ask: $15,500 - which will include the below items, along with taxes and shipping costs.

  • A laser engraver cover (to protect it - it was purchased last year by 4-5th grade)
  • Headphones for hour of code sessions (some kids don’t have them)
  • Ozobot Classroom Kits
  • Sphero RVR Classroom Packs (Robotics Kit)


2) PE Equipment


Overview : There is a need to replace broken PE equipment and buy new equipment to also support the Playworks program.


Solution: We would like to purchase a lot of new equipment as well as replace some old equipment for all students to use. This will compliment our Playworks program and enhance our PE time.  We would like to order a variety of materials including new balls, flags for flag football, scooter boards, and more!


Ask: We are requesting $5,000.00 for new PE equipment and organizational materials.  


So please join us for the General Session on Feb 21st, details to come! 


Thank you in advance for support, and look for more communications to detail out what we are working on to have a safe, amazing school for our kids and community. 


Strategic Spending Committee