Walk/Bike to School Day TOMORROW, May 4th
Tue, May 3 8:27pm
Walk/Bike To School Day - Wednesday, May 4th 

Join us in ditching the car and walking or riding your bike to school on May 4th!

The optional meet up spots to walk or bike with other Walnut Acres students will begin at 7:20 with a departure time to school at 7:30. Otherwise you can walk or bike to school with a buddy and/or your family! There will be additional bike parking out on the blacktop.
The meet up spots are:
• Cafeto Drive/Arbolado Drive
• Cascade Drive/Wiget Lane
• San Antonio Drive/Los Felicas Ave
• Ebano Drive/Grande Camino Drive
Area parents are encouraged to plan to meet at these intersections and join your children in riding or walking. This is an important opportunity to gather as a school or community, encourage physical activity, and promote safety in your neighborhoods and near schools.