Walnut Acres Elementary - School & Parking Lot Safety
Thu, Feb 14 8:32am
Walnut Acres Elementary
Whether you and your children walk, drive, or ride your bike, getting to and from school is all about safety. Here are a few important reminders. 
School & Parking Lot Safety Reminders: 
Wiget Crosswalk
Parents and Children, please walk your bikes across! Riding your bikes across when there are many pedestrians jeopardizes your safety and that of the walkers.
Red Zones?
Parents, please do not use the corner red zones to park and wait in your car. 
School Parking Lot
Please DO NOT park in front of the garbage and recycling bins at any time. On Wednesdays our school recycling is picked up, and if the bins are blocked, we have to pay for a return visit. 
Please NO parking in the staff parking lot. These spots are reserved at all times for staff and auction parking space winners only. 
Thanks for helping Walnut Acres Elementary be SAFE, and for modeling good behavior for your children and others.