Walnut Acres PFC Endorses Measure J, Local School Improvement Bond for MDUSD
Thu, Oct 18 10:38am
Walnut Acres Elementary

Walnut Acres PFC Endorses Measure J, Local School Improvement Bond for MDUSD

At Tuesday's general meeting, the Walnut Acres PFC voted to endorse Measure J, a local bond measure that would provide funds to support repairing and improving MDUSD schools. Our community will have the opportunity to vote on this bond measure on November 6th. 

What is Measure J?

Measure J would restructure the existing bond, Measure C, and provide $150 million to upgrade our schools. The annual cost would be approximately $15 per $100,000 of assessed value (not market value) per year. All funds would support repairing and improving classrooms and facilities within the Mt Diablo School District.

Why Do We Need Supplemental Funding?

Many of our classrooms and school facilities are over 50 years old and need to be repaired to support a 21st century learning environment and ensure student safety. The last school bond (Measure C) was passed in 2010 and the money has almost all been spent. 

How Can You Get Involved?

The committee to pass Measure J is a grassroots organization of parents, teachers and community members who care about our students—and they need your help! Here are five ways you can make sure Measure J is a success:

1.  Vote YES on Measure J: Measure J will appear near the end of your long ballot—remember to go to the end and vote YES on J!  If you vote by mail, you may have your ballot already. Turn it in early at the dropbox at Ygnacio Valley Library. 
2.  Put up a YES on J lawn sign: Show your support by putting up a YES on J sign in front of your home or business. Email yes.on.j.info@gmail.com to request yours. For prompt delivery include your name, address, email, phone. 
3.  Precinct Walk for J: Walk your neighborhood with your friends and help us talk to voters!  Students welcome too. Click here to RSVP!
4.  Share this information with friends, and like/follow Measure J on Facebook & Twitter
5.  Endorse Measure J:  Walnut Acres PFC, Mt Diablo Council of PTAs, Mt Diablo Education Association, League of Women Voters Diablo Valley and many others have endorsed. See endorsements & add your name here.

To learn more about Measure J, please visit http://www.mdusd.org/localmeasure for information provided by MDUSD, or www.yes-on-j.org