We are VERY short volunteers for the 2023-24 Board. PLEASE help out!
Sun, Apr 30 6:58pm

Volunteering at Walnut Acres is not only critical to our success as the non-profit organization supporting Walnut Acres, but also fun and rewarding!  You get to meet new people and be a huge part of the impact the PFC brings to Walnut Acres.

Please consider taking on a volunteer role in the 2023-24 school year.  You might say “I don’t have time”....and we find it!  You might say, “I don’t know how”...we will help you.  You might say, “Maybe next time”...nope, this is the year!  PFC needs over 60 volunteers on the Board to do what we do.  That’s not “someone else”, that is YOU!  YOU are perfect for any of our roles.


Take a look on the interest form, reach out to any of the current board members with questions using our board directory and express interest on this form TODAY!



The form will close on May 1st.  You will be contacted on next steps between May 1st and May 8th.  And the 2023-34 board slate will be voted on at General PFC on May 16th.  


Together We Shine!

Melanie Mitsch