What's Happening at our Next PFC Meeting: Tuesday, October 16, 8:15am in the Staff Lounge
Tue, Oct 9 2:16pm
Walnut Acres Elementary
 Here's what is happening at our PFC meeting next week:
- State of our School by Dr. Dowd.
- Current financial status including Jaguar Fund update.
- Upcoming school/PFC activities including Community Service Day, Book Fair, and Read-A-Thon.
- Find out more about the Measure J Bond, and participate in a vote to endorse and support the bond. In the interest of reflecting the values of our school community, the vote will determine whether the PFC should add our organization to the list of organizations that officially endorse the measure. Formal endorsements are one of many tools voters use to inform themselves when weighing voting decisions. Membership in the PFC is automatically granted to the parents or legal guardians of children attending Walnut Acres Elementary School and the faculty of the school, so if you would like to participate, we will see you at the meeting! For more information on the bond before the meeting, visit: http://www.mdusd.org/localmeasure or www.yes-on-j.org
-The PFC Executive Board