Yearbook Needs Your Help!!
Sun, Jan 10 9:06am
Thank you for all the photos submitted over the winter break!! We LOVE them! Please keep sending us more. 
Each time of year brings new, fun photo opportunities to share and the yearbook depends on your contributions.  Here are some categories we're looking for in particular:
  • P.E. activities - running, trampoline jumping, roller skating, skateboarding, bicycling, walking, etc.
  • Any pictures taken during pick-up/drop off at school
  • Cooking - any chefs out there want to share a picture of their creation (with child in the picture)

  • Student art work from this school year
  • Pet co-workers (child and pet together doing school work)
  • Spirit Week (last week before winter break)
  • Trips during the break or throughout the year
  • Holiday traditions
  • Any Curtains Up Youth Theater pictures from Zoom performances 
  • Mask Fashion!  Show us your cool mask prints and styles 

Keep an eye out, yearbook will be sending out surveys soon for your student(s) to respond. We will be using the surveys throughout the yearbook to give our students' perspective.


    Please submit your pictures using the following directions: 

    1. go to: Enter school code walnutacres, fill in your contact information

    2. Click "select images for upload". Click "Browse for Images".

    3. Locate our images, click on them, then click "Open".

    4. Enter the information for each image. Please include "grade(s) of students" and provide the teacher's name if known. For "student(s) shown", type N/A. Please include the activity the picture represents (cooking, P.E., trip...)

    5. Click "upload images".


    Thank you!!

    Erica Davis & Carrie Million 

    Yearbook Staff