Your Best New Year's Resolution: Donate to Walnut Acres Auction!
Thu, Jan 16 3:31pm

It's your year to be a hero at our school, and it's easier than you think - just take a few minutes to call your connections about donating an exclusive experience or a great deal that will be the highlight of this year’s live auction!

Walnut Acres depends on funds from the auction to provide the best education for our kids, and to get folks excited about bidding, we need your help to secure donations.

Do you or your family or friends have:

  • Season tickets to a sporting event or theatrical/musical performance?
  • Access to a vacation home or timeshare that could be auctioned for a week or weekend getaway?
  • Membership at a winery for a private tasting or country club for a VIP round of golf?
  • Connections to a great company for a behind-the-scenes tour?

Donating one of these experiences to auction helps raise much needed funds for our kids - just one ask from you creates a big impact for our school!

Are you friendly with the owner or manager of a local business who may be willing to donate:

  • Date-night dinner at a restaurant?
  • Girls’ weekend pampering at a spa?
  • Trial membership at a fitness club?
  • A month of classes at a yoga studio?

Ask them if they are able to make a tax-deductible donation of services to help our school!

Holding on to un-used guest passes to a museum / attraction, or gift cards for a store / restaurant? These make great offerings for our online auction!

Sitting on a stockpile of points for airfare or hotel nights? We can put these together to create a getaway experience that will attract high bids! 

Be the marvel behind the mask by donating to this year's auction. Simply fill out the online donation form. Anyone can access, so please share the link with your contacts who may be able to help.

Additional information is available on the PFC website. And if you have a donation connection but aren’t sure how to get to the next steps, contact with your questions.

Thanks for coming through for our kids!