the GREAT walnut acres READ - Pajama Party and "Pennies for Paradise" on Friday!
Mon, Nov 26 9:54am
Walnut Acres Elementary

the GREAT Walnut Acres READ - FINAL WEEK! 

Welcome back to school, and welcome to the final week of the GREAT Walnut Acres READ(athon)! With the smoke, and then the rain, we bet that your students found some quality reading time during the Thanksgiving break. Make sure they get credit for it by writing it down on their Readathon Reading logs.

As part of our introduction to the Readathon, we challenged the kids to read one book they haven't already read from the list of "50 Books Every Kid Should Read by the Time They are 12." If they haven't had a chance to do this yet, encourage them to find one this week. The list is included on the bookmark that was in their Readathon envelope.

The PAJAMA PARTY has been rescheduled to this coming Friday, November 30 - the final day of the Readathon! Students may wear their pajamas and bring their favorite stuffy or blanket. They should bring their favorite book, too, so they can get a few final minutes of reading in before the Readathon ends. All minutes read during school on Friday will count toward their Readathon total and should be recorded on their envelopes.

PENNIES (and nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars) FOR PARADISE... This "spare change" drive is also happening on Friday. Your students are encouraged to collect their spare change and donate it to our Pennies for Paradise collection bucket. The donations will be collected IN THE LUNCHROOM on Friday, so it might be a good idea to put the change in a ziploc bag inside their lunch boxes so they remember to turn it in! There will be a special collection spot in the TK/K rooms for the littlest students. Everything donated by the kids will go directly to the Butte County Schools Fire Relief Fund.

Thank you for supporting your student in this fundraiser. The Readathon is one of our largest annual fundraisers ($30,000 goal!) so please remember to share your student's 99Pledges link with family and friends who might like to help support our wonderful Walnut Acres programs. If you can't find your link, you can go the main Readathon page, and search for your student there. Cash and checks (made out to Walnut Acres PFC) are welcome and appreciated also! Those may be turned in with the kids' envelopes on December 3.

We're making great progress and we are looking forward to a book filled Pajama Party!  Thank you and READ ON!