the GREAT walnut acres READ - Return completed envelopes tomorrow!
Sun, Dec 2 5:58pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

the GREAT Walnut Acres READ - Envelopes due TOMORROW!

The GREAT Walnut Acres READ(athon) is coming to a close and we need your envelopes! Please return them to your classrooms tomorrow, Monday, December 3. 

A few final details about the Readathon:

  • Completed envelopes are due in the classroom on Monday, December 3. Enclose any cash and checks (made out to Walnut Acres PFC) in the envelope. If you need a replacement envelope, blank ones are available in the school office in the Readathon bin in front of Amanda's desk.
  • Although Friday was the final day for reading, the 99 Pledges website will be open through Monday, December 3 for final contributions. If you can't find your link, you can go the main Readathon page, and search for your student there.
  • Classrooms with 100% participation will get a pizza party on a date to be determined by the teacher. To get credit for participation, envelopes must be turned in and each student should show at least 3 hours of reading (10 minutes per day) or $25 raised.
  • Students will earn prizes as outlined on the Readathon envelope. Prizes will be distributed during lunch by December 14.
  • We will do one final collection for Pennies for Paradise tomorrow at lunch time. If you student forgot their change last Friday, they can bring it tomorrow and put it in the bucket in the lunchroom. 

Thank you so much for supporting your student in this fundraiser. We're getting close to meeting our fundraising goal and it is all due to the efforts of you and your incredible kids. THANK YOU!