the GREAT walnut acres READ - Start Reading Today!
Tue, Nov 13 3:02pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

the GREAT Walnut Acres READ starts today!

The signs are posted, reading logs are coming home,  and is live! Our Read-a-Thon team kicked off our annual reading fundraiser with the students today with much excitement!  It's officially time to start collecting sponsors and logging all that reading. 

Information about how the Read-a-Thon works is included inside the envelopes that the students are bringing home today (or maybe tomorrow). Once students set their reading goal, they can be sponsored with set donation amounts or per hour of reading. Make sure your student logs all minutes/hours so that we can tally them at the end of the fundraiser. All envelopes are due to your student's teacher on Monday, December 3.

The buzz in the lunch room was centered around these Great Read challenges...

50 Books every kids might like to read before they are 12!

We shared several books from this great list and challenged the kids to read at least one of these books during the GREAT Walnut Acres READ. The list is in your student's Read-a-Thon envelope and can be cut out and used as a book mark. I'm sure your child will find several favorites on the list - and hopefully a few more they are ready to read now. Ask them to review the list and count up how many of the books they have already read!

The GREAT Walnut Acres READ Pajama Party: 

This Friday, November 16, students are invited to wear their pajamas to school and bring their favorite book to read. They can even bring a blanket to curl up with while they read! The minutes that they read during the Pajama Party will count for the Read-a-Thon and should be recorded on their envelopes.

Pennies (and nickels, dimes, and quarters) for Paradise:

Many of our students have asked what they can do to help the fire victims in Butte County, so we have added a "spare change" drive to the Pajama Party on Friday. Your students are encouraged to collect their spare change and donate it to our Pennies for Paradise collection. The coins will be collected at lunch on Friday and everything donated by the kids will go directly to the Butte County Schools Fire Relief Fund.


There are 3 levels of individual prizes - Paperback Pizzazz, Fictional Fanatic, and Mythical Marvel.  Students earn prizes based on the amount of reading they log and the amount of money they raise. The top 3 readers and the fundraiser in EACH grade level will also receive a special prize! Prizes will be revealed the week after Thanksgiving. And, we have an extra incentive for each individual classroom. Every class with 100% participation will receive a pizza party during lunch.

Thank you for supporting your student in this fundraiser. We are looking forward to a book filled Pajama Party!  Ready, Set, READ!