the GREAT walnut acres READ - Thanksgiving Update!
Tue, Nov 20 3:52pm
Walnut Acres Elementary

Happy Thanksgiving Parents!

the GREAT Walnut Acres READ is in full swing and we just wanted to remind you and your students to be sure to log their reading during the Thanksgiving Holiday! This is a great time to get some quality reading in - especially with the air quality we've been experiencing. We hope you and your family are finding some good ways to wiggle, too!

Since we missed the Pajama Party last Friday (due to school being cancelled), we will reschedule it for the week of November 26. Pennies for Paradise will happen next week, too, so have your kids collect their coins this week. We'll send another update with the specific day as soon as we confirm it.

Thank you for supporting your student in this fundraiser. The Readathon is one of our largest annual fundraisers ($30,000 goal!) so please remember to share your student's 99Pledges link with family and friends who might like to help support our wonderful Walnut Acres programs. If you can't find your link, you can go the main Readathon page, and search for your student there. Cash and checks (made out to Walnut Acres PFC) are welcome and appreciated also! Those may be turned in with the kids' envelopes on December 3.

We're off to a great start! Thank you and READ ON!