Fall Stampede
Wed, Oct 3 11:15pm
Warm Springs Elementary
Warm Springs Families,
On Friday, October 12th, your children will be participating in our annual Fall Stampede fun run at school.  The following is the link to our Google document that we are using for volunteer sign ups for each session, it is also the schedule for all of the classes participation.  If your child's time is already filled with volunteers, please come anyway and just cheer your child on as they participate in this fun event.  Please only fill in the available blanks with your name and email address.  PLEASE DO NOT ADD BLANKS OR EDIT ANYONE ELSE'S ENTRY!!!!!
Some reminders for Friday, October 12th.  Next week, your child should receive their Fall Stampede t-shirt in their classroom.  Please make sure that they wear their shirts on Friday for the Fall Stampede and also that they wear appropriate shoes and clothes to participate in the fun run. In order to go green and to cut down on costs, please send your child to school with either a reusable water bottle or a simple disposable plastic bottle of water with their names on the bottle.  They will have a water station where they can leave the bottle during the run and they can stop to take a drink when necessary, please make every effort to have your child bring their bottles.

Lastly, any class with 100% of the envelopes returned will receive a chip and juice party.  We are really hoping to see all envelopes returned so that we know we are communicating with all of our families.  Please donate the amount that you can possibly afford to and are comfortable with.  We would really like to hit our goal to assure teacher allocations, assemblies, library, and technology upgrades can all be achieved this year. 
Thank you in advance for your donations and your assistance in making this a successful event.
Carisa Schirmer 
Warm Springs PTA President