1st Day RTS -K/2nd4th & MASTER RTS INFO
Tue, Oct 13
West Elementary

Welcome new & returning Westies!

Students will be at West School Campus today exactly 7 months after we closed on March 13!


Check list for this morning

1. Ambry CARE for Covid App - Daily screening at home & show Green Badge at school

2. Masks, snacks, supplies for your students 

3. SMILES :-)

*Double check dismissal times below - no lunch at school*


There have been many recent communications about RTS (Return to school) from HCSD & West School. Below is a compilation of them, just so you have a place to go that has all the info in one place. Original communications are linked as well. If you have been keeping up, these are not new. If you need a refresher, happy reading!


K-5 RTS Daily Schedule (from 10/2 HCSD Newsletter)

Detailed instructions for Ambry CARE for Covid App registration (from 10/7 Webinar recording on YouTube)


Detailed instructions for Ambry CARE for Covid App (from 10/12  West School Email)


The Ambry CARE app for daily symptom screening, COVID test ordering, and support for school contact tracing, is open for K-5 students to register! Please register your K-5 student(s) in the app before their first day of in-person school.


We recommend all parents bookmark this URL on the device where you will perform daily screening, so you can easily access this link daily.

TIPS: The app seems to work best on Google Chrome browser vs Safari. You may need to turn off popup blockers if you are notified that CARE is trying to show a screen that your popup blocker has prevented.

If you haven't already, please register your child, including entering insurance information and performing the initial health history screening, prior to their first day of in-person school, as this step takes the most time. Daily screening after initial registration and health history will be much shorter.

  • Each student must be registered with an email address. We recommend you use their [Google Classroom user ID]stu.hcsdk8.org email address. Note students are not expected to read or reply to CARE automated emails (stu.hcsdk8.org will reject emails outside the HCSD organization anyway).
  • The parent email address will be used for CARE communications about the student. As a reminder, the Google Classroom user ID is “first initial+last name.[2-digit Crocker graduation year]”.
  • If you are not sure of your child’s email address, contact Maureen Sullivan (msullivan@hcsdk8.org).

Please use a unique email address to register each child.

  • After registering your first child, open the registration link in a new browser window (hcsd.students.care.ambrygen.com) and start again, entering a new email address for your next K-5 student.
  • You can use the same parent email address for all your students, if you wish.
  • This means you will get communications from CARE to that parent email address for each student you register.

For technical issues with Ambry CARE, contact care4covid@ambrygen.com for assistance.

  • After registering, you will receive daily reminders to perform daily symptom screening for each student.
  • After performing screening and receiving a green badge, use your phone's Screenshot function and save each child's green badge to your phone Photos, so you can easily show each student's green badge at morning drop-off without having to log onto the app at traffic circle.

Unaccompanied bikers/walkers should check-in at the office to be cleared through the Ambry app (checked for Green badge in the system).

Students without a green badge will not be admitted to class.

TIP: be sure to do the screening well before 8:15 am each morning!

Last week I sent out information regarding Ingress and Egress procedures, please click here to reviewhttps://www.smore.com/8hzbn

Please make sure your child has a snack and a mask for tomorrow.  Water bottles and personal containers to pack snacks are permitted.  

Staff will be outside to help guide students to their classrooms.  Please remember classroom doors open at 8:20 am.

Teachers and staff spent today reviewing Return to School Procedures and Health and Safety Guidelines. We are all looking forward to seeing students tomorrow!


Detailed instructions about arrival & dismissal (from 10/8 West World)


1. Arrival: Please see Ingress map link here

Upon arrival, parents who drive their students to school will come through the loading zone and remain in their cars, ready to show their Ambry App badge. Staff will be outside at 8:15am checking the Ambry App for green badges. Please be sure that you complete your Ambry App screener before you come to school. This will mitigate traffic congestion.


  • By Car
    • Drivers are to remain in their vehicles at all times.
    • Drivers should Not park.
    • Drivers should drop off students at the front of the school drop off area.
    • Drivers should leave the drop off area safely and quickly.
  • Walking
    • Students will stop, say goodbye to parents or caregivers who must display the Ambry App Green Badge result.
    • Students will join and follow their designated grade level route to class.
    • Unattended walkers must check into the office to be cleared through the Ambry Portal. The student will not be admitted to class until the Ambry App screener is completed.
  • Biking (4th and 5th Grade Only)
    • Students shall come onto campus at the West front gate.
    • Once on campus, students will walk their bikes to the bike rack behind Room 17.
    • Unattended bikers must check into the office to be cleared through the Ambry Portal. The student will not be admitted to class until the Ambry App screener is completed.


We will direct students to their designated entry points on campus. There are grade level colored paths taped on campus which lead students to their classrooms. Parents and caregivers can help by reviewing these procedures with students in advance. Teachers will teach, practice and review these procedures throughout the Measured, Sequential Return to School transition schedule.


2. Dismissal: Please see this map link


We will have a staging area at the front of school utilizing the hallways (masked and 6ft apart) students will be called to the front loading zone. Each class will line up in a designated area (cones with signage) with their grade and teacher. Once the student’s car arrives, his or her name will be called and he or she will come out to the loading zone. Each family will receive a name placard to place in their passenger side windshield/window with their family last name and grade level to help with this process- placard will be sent home with the oldest child on their return to school day.


  • By Car
    • Family name placard should be placed in the passenger side window/visor/windshield.
    • Drivers should pick up students at the front of school loading zone.
    • Students are to maintain social distancing as they wait for/move to cars for pick-up.
    • Drivers are to remain in their vehicles at all times and leave the school pick up area safely and quickly.
  • Walking
    • Students will meet parents at the front West school gate
    • Students must leave school promptly.
  • Biking
    • Students leave the campus through the front West School gate.
    • Students must leave school promptly.




Chart of RTS -Measured, sequential approach attendance schedule (from 10/9 HCSD Newsletter)