Attention: What to do if you get a Red Badge
Wed, Oct 28 9:28pm


Ambry screening questions place you at elevated risk when you have symptoms of COVID-19 or you were in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.



If CARE indicates your student is at elevated risk (eligible for testing) and you choose to obtain a COVID-19 Test:

  • Accept and order testing from Ambry  OR
  • Decline and/obtain testing from another source (your physician, San Mateo County testing facility, etc.)
If your student is a Close Contact to a Covid case and you are tested:  HCSD will accept any type of COVID-19 test results that you send, but testing will not shorten quarantine (14 days since last Close Contact exposure).   
If your student  has symptoms and has positive test or no test:  You can return to school within 10 days of a positive test or symptom start, including 3 days since symptom resolution.  You can return within 3 days since symptom resolution if you have a negative test.    San Mateo county health now requires a PCR test for these: rapid antigen (Ag) test results are not acceptable.


If you wish to take the Ambry Genetics (Saliva) test,

  • Use the CARE portal to generate a RED BADGE, and then please pay $30/test kit at:
  •  You may have test shipped to you (additional FedEx $18) OR arrange for pick-up at the district office
  • To pickup at the DO:  Email the DO ( a screenshot of your red badge and $30 payment confirmation email to arrange for contact-less pickup. 
  • Parents please do not enter the District office due to safety rules - tests must be ordered online, first, then picked up contact-free. 


When taking the the Ambry Genetics saliva test: Please supervise your child and  or best results, do not have anything in the mouth (food, drink, toothpaste, or water) for 45 min before collecting saliva (first thing in the morning may be best!).  Fill the tube with saliva right up to the line -- NOT far over nor under the line.


Please ALWAYS refer to this FAQ Document for more details on HCSD COVID Screening and Testing procedures.