Thu, Nov 7 11:46am

Tomorrow, Friday November 8th, the students will be assembling the care packages for our troops with their buddy classrooms.


Thank you to everyone who has already donated an item(items)!!! 


We still need donations to fill these care packages.


We would like enough so every soldier gets one care package and so that every classroom buddy pair is able to pack one together. The kids have written letters already this week, heard announcements about their freedoms this week, and have really connected to this social service project. It would be wonderful for each student to be able to complete the project by sending their own care package abroad to a soldier.


I have opened up all classroom lists to the whole school so please take a minute to see how you can help and send your child in tomorrow morning with a donation. If you would like to bring in an item that has already been filled, that is OK! The more the merrier! The soldiers appreciate any and all donations!


Thank you so much!!!

Your hearts and generosity mean so much to these soldiers and your children!!!

With gratitude,

West Community Service Learning Committee