HCSD CARES Announcement 2/10/2021
Wed, Feb 10 4:28pm

HCSD Cares Update

Hello Parents,

Quick reminders for today's Omecare test (kindly read in entirety):

  • Please check immediately upon receipt that all materials (swab, tube) are enclosed in your bag and contact Steve Juno (stevejuno@hotmail.com) or Nicole Salama (nrsalama@yahoo.com) if anything is missing.
  • Follow these  Omecare test instructions.
  • Screw on cap tightly after specimen is collected.
  • Parents please ensure correct full name and DOB is written on vials -- even if online registration is done correctly, the lab cannot process samples without full name and DOB on vial - this is an FDA requirement.  And, the data on vials should exactly match data entered online (please, no initials to shorten, etc).
  • Please ensure you've registered your tubes online (or if you've had issues, include the Omecare pdf form in the biobag with your tube) BEFORE you drop off your sample Wednesday morning.  
  • Note that registrations received late are not guaranteed the 72-hour turnaround time for test results. Omecare needs to reschedule their test to be run after other already-scheduled process runs.

Tips for Collecting A Nasal Sample:

We know the nasal test can be really uncomfortable for some, especially our sensitive kiddos.  Here are some tips that will hopefully help both you and your kiddo be a bit more comfortable when getting the nasal sample.  Note: this is written by a fellow parent and not a medical professional.

  • The swab included in the Omecare nasal test is designed for adult noses (as are the video instructions).  This said, you should be successful in getting enough sample if you only stick the tip of the swab in each nostril halfway.  Follow the rest of the instructions the same.

  • For sensitive kiddos, these techniques may help them be more comfortable:

    • Have them lay down when you collect the sample (laying down can help them relax and limits jerk movements)

    • Don't let them see the nasal swab itself before you use it (it does look kind of scary!)

    • Have them close their eyes and take deep breaths before you take the sample (so they don't see the swab coming at them when you do it)

    • Instruct your kiddo to keep eyes closed until you are done




West Elementary Cares Lead(s):

To better help our HCSD Community through this crazy pandemic, HCSD Cares has formed a small but mighty team of Campus Leads. These volunteers are each site’s go-to people for questions about testing, the Ambry Screening App or if you just don’t understand something in the HCSD CARE 4 COVID FAQ.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you need help using the following contact information:


West School:

Nicole Salama


(650) 759 -9870


Steve Juno


(415) 531-4975