HCSD CARES Newsletter 11/14/2020
Mon, Nov 16 1:10pm

HCSD Cares Update

As published in Louann’s 11/13 Friday Newsletter, HCSD Cares wants to remind everyone that testing WORKS!! 592 students participated in the HSF funded COVID-19 testing on October 7th and results were reported to HCSD before students entered school that week.  Mark your calendars for the following upcoming testing dates: 


Elementary K-5

  • Test pick up available Tues Dec 1st 9-10am & 4-5pm outside Crocker Middle School
  • Test return Wed Dec 2nd by 1pm outside District Office


Each campus’s participation will be tracked so let’s all show what West has got!! 


Does your family have a plan for ongoing testing?

Also, as a reminder, while HCSD is providing testing for students at key high-risk junctures (e.g. following breaks where many may choose to travel or receive guests), we strongly encourage taking advantage of the free and easy testing resource through San Mateo County and Project Baseline for families’ own more frequent testing, especially if your student(s) participate in SPORTS or other activities outside of school. This List of Local Testing Options is available for reference.


West Elementary Cares Lead(s):

To better help our HCSD Community through this crazy pandemic, HCSD Cares has formed a small but mighty team of Campus Leads. These volunteers are each site’s go-to people for questions about testing, the Ambry Screening App or if you just don’t understand something in the HCSD CARE 4 COVID FAQ.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you need help using the following contact information:


West School:

Nicole Salama


(650) 759 -9870


Steve Juno


(415) 531-4975


Do you want to help out? 

If you are staying local during Thanksgiving break and would like to help, we are in need of some volunteers to help assemble testing bags for our next round of testing and also distribute bags on Dec 1. Please reach out to Nicole and Steve if interested.


HCSD CARES- For our Community! 

San Mateo county food banks are facing an unprecedented need due to COVID-19, and the number of food insecure families has risen dramatically. This year, more than ever, your participation in your campus’ Thanksgiving food drives is appreciated!!