Test Pick Up Today & return tomorrow
Tue, May 11 7:20am



Omecare saliva tests will be offered at each school site Tues 5/11 and collected back on Wednesday 5/12; you can return them at morning traffic circle or drop off in the bins before 1PM. Please remember to write the student's full name and DOB on the tube's white space, and register the tube at go.omecare.co before dropping it back off.

Please be reminded that student testing is voluntary. 
We know that with offering widespread testing to our community, statistically there is the possibility of false positive (and false negative) results. We have had cases where a student has tested positive and in immediate subsequent PCR testing, all results have been negative. Even with this being the case, county health still requires quarantine of the case and close contacts (in this case, class cohorts). I know this can be a frustration for families and educators, but we are required by county health to follow these rules.

As always, please feel free to email me with questions.

Thank you, Louann