Testing Day 4/12 & Return to School 4/13 - Are you ready?
Fri, Apr 9 3:59pm

Hello Westies,

Just checking in to make sure everyone is ready for Post Spring Break Testing Day on Monday April 12 & Return to school on Tuesday April 13. As you know, this is a multi-step process to get the phone app, registering your students, signing up for a test slot, etc. 


HCSD email sent on 3/30 has a checklist & FAQ about 4/12 testing. 

HCSD email sent on 4/1 has details/links for signing up for a specific testing time slot/location & drive-thru instructions. 

HCSD email just sent on 4/9 has more info about testing & FAQ again. Plus link to post-break flow chart to determine quarantine needs. (It's also attached here as pdf)


Please click on those above to re-read to make sure you didn't miss anything. In case you would like a recap, here are the highlights. 



❐ Download Navica App

❐ Create Parent/Guardian Account

❐ Add your child(ren) as Managed Profile(s)

❐ Connect each child to HCSD using connect code from Navica Invitation email

NAVICA Step-By-Step Instructions ← FIND APP HELP HERE! (also attached below)

❐ Sign the required Testing Consent Form (e-signature) ←NEW

❐ Sign-up for a Test Appointment at CrockerNorthWest, or District Office for Mon. 4/12 ←NEW

❐ Have a safe and relaxing Spring Break!

Details for Downloading the NAVICA App

Click here for a graphic (also shared below) explaining how to download the NAVICA app and then link it to HCSD.

Big picture


As a reminder, if your student is returning to in person school on 4/13 and you want to participate in our Drive-Thru Testing Event on Monday, 4/12 you need to do all 3 steps below:


  1. Your NAVICA account must be properly connected to our organization (HCSD); Just having a QR Code for your account is not enough. If you received a NAVICA Invitation email today, you are NOT YET CONNECTED. Please follow this: NAVICA Step-By-Step Instructions Once completed, this short demo will take you through the steps to double check your account is connected to HCSD: NAVICA Quick Check

  2. You need to sign this Testing Consent Form

  3. You need to make a testing appointment: CrockerNorthWest, or District Office



If my student will be quarantining after Spring Break air travel, should we come to the testing event?

No. We encourage you to pick up an OmeCare test from the bins at District Office on Wednesday 4/14 between 8am-6pm with return to bins at District Office by 1pm on Thursday 4/15. If you return from air travel after 4/11, you can make a test appointment through Curative for 4/18 at Crocker Middle School.


But what if our air travel return date is before Friday, April 9th?

Since our testing date will be within the 3-5 day window of return from travel, you are eligible to test on 4/12/21 and may sign up for a testing appointment. But remember, CDPH guidelines still require a full 7 day quarantine after air travel with any negative COVID test.


I have children at both Crocker and one of the elementary schools, do we have to sign up for separate test appointments?

No, you can sign up for a test appointment at 1 site and bring everyone to the test together.


Where should we park for the test? Will you take walk-ins?

This is a drive-thru test. You will stay in your vehicle the entire time. Please sign up for a test appointment using the sign up links listed in checklist. CrockerNorthWest, or District Office


Can my caretaker bring my child to the testing event?

Yes. Please make sure the adult in the car has the NAVICA app on their smartphone with children’s managed profiles added to the account. We recommend taking screenshots of each child’s Navica badge (QR code).


If my child is symptomatic, can I come to the testing event on 4/12?

This testing event will be run by HCSD staff members, volunteer parents and community members. We ask that you do NOT come to testing with a symptomatic child. There are many options for local testing- Please contact your child’s physician.


What is going to happen at the test appointment?

After driving into your test site, your phone will be checked for the NAVICA app and confirm your managed profiles (children) are connected to HCSD. You will be directed into the queue for drive-thru testing. Another volunteer will scan your phone using an iPad and ask you a number of questions about the test participant. A 3rd volunteer will hand your child a testing swab and ask them to lower their mask and slowly and gently self-swab both nostrils. Once this step is complete for all children in your vehicle, you will be directed to leave. A notification with test results will appear on your smartphone within 15-30 minutes after testing.


Where are the test sites?

We are holding drive-thru testing events at North, West, Crocker and the District Office with test appointments throughout the day. Don’t forget to make an appointment: CrockerNorthWest, or District Office


I haven’t set up the NAVICA app on my phone, can we still come for testing?

No. Without your child’s unique NAVICA passcode (qr code) on the app, we cannot run a test.


I *think* I set up my NAVICA app account, added managed profiles and connected to HCSD. How can I check if I did it correctly?

Log into the NAVICA app and click ‘Display NAVICA ID’- you should be able to swipe left to reveal your child’s code. Click the “person” icon in the top right corner and then click ‘Connected Organizations’. You should see Hillsborough City School District listed. If not, please go through all 4 Tasks. Here is a quick visual of a connected NAVICA account: NAVICA Quick Check


Why are we using Abbott BinaxNOW Rapid Tests and where can I get more information?

HCSD felt that the fast turnaround time of the BinaxNOW test (15 minutes) versus the OmeCare PCR test (~4 days from when you drop off your specimen) was important for testing our community after most higher-risk Spring Break activity was complete but before in-person school starts on April 13. Also, note that the sensitivity of BinaxNOW in the overall population is 84.6% (Abbott.com) while the average sensitivity of rapid antigen tests has been cited as 56.2% (Dinnes J 2020). More information can be found here. (Scroll down to the section: For Parents and Schools)


Where can I find the Spring Break Travel Flowchart and other travel reminders?

Everything you need to know about Spring Break travel guidance can be found in the 3/26 HCSD Newsletter.


Will we still need to do daily CARE symptom screening for green badges after spring break? What about weekly testing?

Yes, you should resume daily CARE symptom screening to generate a green badge each day of in-person school after spring break. HCSD CARES will offer Omecare tests to students every other week after spring break.