UPDATE to Request for AiA presentations--PLEASE SHARE YOUR GENIUS!
Sat, Sep 22 4:38pm
West Elementary

To any and all parents who have created AiA presentations, especially 1st and Kinder.  I have loaded the presentations I had in a google drive that can be accessed via the AiA Committee, but we are still very light on K and 1st.  If you have any presentations to share, please send themm to me.  I cannot give access to anybody with the link to upload.  very sorry about that.  I will put them in the folders by grade and you can access the files through the links in AiA Committee on Konstella if you are a member of the committee. If not a member of AiA committee, just sign up.  It doesn't mean you have to docent, it just gives you access to all things AiA.  Thanks in advance for sharing.

Link to page in Konstella with presentation links by grade