West HTV Newscast #4
Fri, Feb 23 1:30pm-3:00pm
West Elementary

Here is the HTV Newscast Team for the February 23rd recording:


Job 2/23/2018  
Anchor 1 Kashya N
Anchor 2 Alice P
Anchor 3 Julian S
Sports/Weather Stinson S
Switcher Shannon P
Teleprompter Lucas N
Audio Mixer Gavin M P
Character Generator James N
Google Slides Graphics Anson N
Playback Operator Lizzie P
Camera Operator 1 *Brett P
Camera Operator 2 *Paolo P
Camera Operator 3 Jazmin P
Control Room Director Aaron P
Floor Director Miwako S
Field Crew Interviewer 1 *Wyatt P
Field Crew Interviewer 2 *Olivia S S
Field Crew Interviewer 3 *Louis S

* These students will not go to the Studio.  Their job will be done at West School.