West School Google Classroom & Service Learning
Tue, Apr 21 9:20am

Don’t forget to use this week’s service learning spirit week as a chance to sign your child into West School Google classroom. This is a great opportunity to help the kids feel connected to their school and also feel grateful right now.

Kids sharing their gratitude quick videos on flip grid yesterday was very cute. Hope see more today. ❤️

Feel free to email me or text me if need help signing them in. My info is in directory.

And thank you to all who have already donated to the LifeMoves fundraiser. West School has already raised $308 to help those in need in our community. Keep sharing those Big Hearts and consider matching them with a donation to LifeMoves ❤️

And thank you for the cards, we now have over 200 cards to spread the love to our essential healthcare workers.

Westies have Big Hearts ❤️❤️❤️