"BIG"- Project Cornerstone monthly update
Wed, Nov 29 8:33am
West Valley Elementary


This month, parent volunteers read in your child’s classroom the book Big by Coleen Paratore. The focus of this book is to learn about becoming a BIG person. Big is not defined as large or tall, but a person who thinks BIG about the world and their place in it. The author defines BIG as being bright and imaginative, healthy, kind and helpful, friendly and valuable members of society.

 Being BIG as a journey made up of small things we say and do every day. The reward for being BIG is not tangible, but something felt inside of each of us. It is a feeling of goodness that comes from thinking and acting generously.

Classroom discussions focused on:

-Looking within ourselves to see how we can tap into personal power to become a valuable member for family, school, neighborhood, community, country and world.

-Ways to be active citizens to improve the world by committing to daily acts of caring and outreach in our community with acts of service. Research shows that service is powerful in helping kids succeed in all areas of life -- health, friendships, school and self-esteem.

You can further support this learning by having a family discussion about ways to be the biggest you that you can be. During your BIG talk, discuss ways your family contributes individually and together to making a difference in the world. Ask questions like:

  • How can I be healthy BIG?
  • How can I be BIG in my family?
  • What do we do to be BIG toward our planet?
  • How can we be kind to each other in a BIG way?
  • How can we be BIG in our community?
  • Name people who are BIG (famous, friends, family, in the news) and explain why.

After your discussion, your family may wish to volunteer, do community outreach, or a service learning project.  On our website is a list of ways to volunteer.  Go to www.projectcornerstone.org and click on the resource tab to find the list of Service Opportunities.


Thank you for supporting Project Cornerstone!