"Blue Day Book" Project Cornerstone update
Thu, Jan 19 11:12am
West Valley Elementary

The current book being discussed is the “Blue Day Book for Kids” by Bradley Trevor Greive. The book helps students understand that everyone has bad days and offers ideas on how to turn these blue days around.  From this book, students can learn to name feelings and notice them in others; accept negative feelings and understand that they are temporary and can be changed by their actions.

 To reinforce this lesson at home, Model the behavior of positive self-talk and “switching directions” (taking action to change your negative mood) when you are in a blue mood.

Below are steps to help your child change how they feel when they want to get out of a blue mood:

  1. Accept and name your feelings. For example, say to yourself, "I am sad." "I am scared."
  2. Remind yourself that this feeling is temporary. You will feel happy again. Look to caring adults for support.
  3. Relax and take a time out before you act. Take slow deep breaths and count to ten, relaxing all the muscles in your body. Get ready to choose the way you respond.

         4.Think about ways to help move out of your mood. Use positive self-talk to make a plan.


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