"My Secret Bully" Project Cornerstone Parent update
Wed, Oct 19 1:09pm
West Valley Elementary



During October Project Cornerstone parent volunteers will be reading in your child’s classroom the book “My Secret Bully” by Trudy Ludwig. The book discusses peer to peer relational bullying: subtle emotional bullying including “under the radar” actions like spreading rumors, intimidating and humiliating, excluding and ignoring. These behaviors are often devastating to a child’s self-esteem and their sense of social belonging.


The Character Trait discussed in the book is Courage, and children are encouraged to discuss friendship problems with supportive family members or caring adults, as well as boost their personal power by using positive self-talk. They are also encouraged to be a forgiving friend and accept others, as everyone belongs.


Whether your child is a target, a bystander or the instigator of relational aggression, you can help.

  • Help them bring secrets of peer abuse into the open. Let your child know they are not alone.
  • Be a thoughtful listener. Listen without interrupting.  Afterwards, ask what kind of help your child needs. Sometimes, just sharing the problem helps them figure out what to do.
  • If they need help, offer suggestions about how to respond to bullying and role-play their response.
  • Brainstorm positive self-talk words and phrases that will empower your child.
  • Continue to practice the ABC tools.
  • Enlist other family members and caring adults to support your child.
  • Open a conversation about bullying issues with your child’s teacher. Arrange a conference to discuss your concerns. Help your child create a plan for safety and support at school.

 Please ask your children about the story and about their ideas. 


Thank you so much for your support and for helping create a positive environment for our children.


If you have any questions, please contact one of the PCS leads or the volunteer parents in your child's classroom.