"One" - Project Cornerstone book recap
Fri, May 3 4:19pm
West Valley Elementary


 During April, parent volunteers read the book One by Kathryn Otoshi in your child’s classroom. The story stresses the impact one person can have in creating change. When one person stands up for something, it might be just enough to tip the next person over and inspire him or her to also stand up.

 One helps students recognize that they have the power to effectively react and respond to bullying behaviors. The key messages are “Everyone counts” and “It just takes ONE to make a difference.”

 Discussions stressed the difference between bystanders and Uptsanders, and how bystanders can become UPstanders by saying or doing something to support targets of bullying. UPstanders know that it just takes ONE to make a difference. UPstanders take action to influence others to stop hurtful behavior.


Here are some ways that we all can be UPstanders at home and in our communities:

  •  Refuse to join-in with bully behaviors.
  • Use positive peer influence to help friends “do the right thing”.
  • Say or do something when someone needs help. (Just standing near someone will make him/her feel better!)
  • Help all kids join the fun. Invite someone new to play!
  • Use body language to stand tall!
  • Use the ability to read body language to de-escalate conflict and keep things calm.
  • Laughing and joking with friends is fun, but laughing at a friend is hurtful.
  • Help kids “save face” when they are in a tough spot.
  • Always get an adult if you need help especially if there is violence or a weapon!

 We hope you will talk with your child tonight about One. To reinforce the message at home:

  • Talk about ways that each family member counts!
  • Role-play ways to de-escalate conversations using a calm tone of voice, positive words, and comforting body language.
  • Practice ways to stand tall using positive body language.

 Thank you for supporting Project cornerstone!