2016 Walk-A-Thon Classroom Flags
Wed, Sep 7 9:34am
West Valley Elementary

Hello West Valley Families,


The annual Walk-A-Thon is only one month away and should be a great time for the whole family. We’d like to thank all of our 2016 Walk-A-Thon Flag Makers for donating their time to create wonderful flags for each classroom.


Many Thanks to…

Room 1 - Valeska Arruda (Bryan’s Mom)

Room 2 - Jian Chen (Melody’s Mom)

Room 3 - Matthew Montellato (Giada’s Dad)

Room 4 - Jenny McPherson (Riley’s Mom)

Room 5 - Jayanthi Natarajan (Ahana’s Mom)

Room 6 - Leigh Mulready (Guy’s Mom)

Room 7 - Kelly Orr (Volunteer)

Room 8 - Ronit Levy (Mika’s Mom)

Room 9 - Kelly Smith (Mackenzie’s Mom)

Room 10 - Subadra Srinivasan (Keshav’s Mom)

Room 12 - Rashmi Saraf (Vineet’s Mom)

Room 13 - Leena Khanzode (Sania’s Mom)

Room 14 - Stella Chan (Nathaniel’s Mom)

Room 15 - Olga Koutalides (Andreas’ Mom)

Room 16 - Mrs. Koerner and her 3rd Grade Students (Class Project)

Room 17 - Itir Clarke (Melisa’s Mom)

Room 18 - Alix Atwell (Bridget’s Mom)

Room 19 - Amanda Nelson (Sarah’s Mom)

Room 20 - Wakako Nomura (Mika’s Mom)

Room 21 - Jenny McPherson (Tyler’s Mom)

Room 22 - Dimple Polarouthu (Nandini’s Mom)

Room 23 - Kelly Orr (Leith’s Mom)

Room 24 - Emila Rayburn-Ivic (Jacob’s Mom)

Room 30 - Bonnie Hsia (Teddy’s Mom)

Room 31 - Loris Perronne (Caleb’s Mom)


Special Thanks to Kelly Orr, who coordinated the flags in 2015 and has helped our Flag Makers this year.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Walk-A-Thon!


Suzie Cheng, Walk-A-Thon Flag Coordinator