2017-18 PTO Board
Thu, May 18 4:07pm
West Valley Elementary

Hi everyone,


The PTO Year runs from August 1 to July 31, but yesterday was our final formal/scheduled meeting of the year, at which the PTO Board for next year was elected. If you just want to see that list of names, skip to the end.


I want to first thank all of this year's outgoing board, along with the entire school staff and all the parents out there who have made this a really successful year.



We set ourselves some big goals at the start of the year, and thanks to all of you, we're doing really well against those goals.


  1. $300,000 in funds raised -- this target was hotly debated and a real stretch, given a 10% reduction in the school population. We won't have the final numbers until August, but we're going to come remarkably close to this target, thanks to some great events (hello walkathon!) and your collective generosity. We've been able to budget $305,000 for next year, and Art, Music, our C-Lab, and a whole host of other programs are going to continue to improve as a result. 
  2. 250 parent volunteers -- while it's hard for us to precisely track this number, all the indications are that we are going to beat this goal, which is more than anything a tremendous sign of the strength and spirit of the West Valley Community
  3. Event Success - we didn't set a metric on this one, but we had 95% participation at the walkathon, and the crowds at the Family Science Night and the Multicultural Day were phenomenal. The cultural event is here to stay as a result!


There are some things we didn't do as well as promised or intended. 


  1. Meeting Efficiency - We had pockets of improvement, and some well run meetings, but we can definitely be a lot more focused and productive. Moving a lot of our board discussions offline onto Slack has definitely been a big help. We'll be even better next year.
  2. Communication & Transparency - I won't fault us on transparency as such, however I have definitely failed to communicate as frequently and comprehensively as is desirable. We're learning from this, and next year we will have a Director of Communications in place to ensure that we do a much better job in this regard. We're also looking at introducing some morning meetings for information dissemination to make it easier for parents to attend for a short while after drop-off.


The existing board will continue to work to line things up for next year, and our Walkathon leads are already hard at work getting ready for the big event.


Without further ado, here's the 2017-18 PTO Board:


  • PRESIDENT - Rohan Chandran
  • VICE-PRESIDENT - Libby Shen
  • SECRETARY - Sandy Yun
  • TREASURER - Chuck Fraleigh
  • BOARD MEMBER - Liat Salman
  • BOARD MEMBER - Shawn Cartwright
  • BOARD MEMBER - Carolyn Caywood
  • BOARD MEMBER - Ruel Parent
  • Principal
  • 2 Teachers (to be appointed in August)


Thanks for a great year!


Rohan Chandran

WVPTO President