2018 Yearbooks
Sat, May 26 2:21pm
West Valley Elementary

The West Valley 2018 Yearbooks have arrived and are being prepared for distribution.  Thank you to Gracia, my co-yearbook chair and to the other parents on the yearbook staff, Rajini, Katie, and Karmella for their help this year.  Thanks to all the parents and teachers who uploaded photos. 


All 5th graders will be given a yearbook, paid for by the PTO.  Thank you PTO!  All others will need to purchase their yearbook.  About 200 yearbooks were pre-purchased.  A list of the yearbook orders was uploaded into the Files section of Konstella.  Please double check if you are unsure of your order. 


The 5th grade and pre-purchased yearbooks will be distributed by the child's teacher between June 1 and June 4.  Yearbooks will be available for purchase for $15 before school from 7:30-8:15 on June 5 and 6.  Please bring a check made out to West Valley PTO or exact change.  



Mara Capio