5/17 PTO Elections and Meeting Agenda
Tue, May 16 8:41pm
West Valley Elementary

Hi everyone,


The PTO Board Elections are happening as the first agenda item at the PTO Meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday 5/17 at 7pm in the GLC). The agenda is at the end of this message, but before that I wanted to share some information on the elections. 


We have a maximum of 12 parent board seats available (in addition to the Principal and 2 Teachers), but we don't need to fill them all - in fact, this year was the first year with a full slate.


We have 4 returning board members who are in the second and final year of their term - Chuck Fraleigh (Treasurer), Liat Salman, Shawn Cartwright, and myself.


For the remaining 8 seats, we have 7 people who have expressed an interest, some in specific roles:


Sandy Yun - Secretary

Ray Xu - VP Programs

Carolyn Caywood

Libby Shen

Ruel Parent 

Katherine Chan - VP Fundraising

Marissa Levy - VP Communications



This means that there is still one seat open for anyone who is interested in joining the board. If you have an interest in participating on the board, or if you simply have questions for the current board or the new slate, please come by the meeting and we hope to be able to give everyone the opportunity to speak.


The meeting agenda is as follows:


  1. 2017-18 Board Elections
  2. Approve Minutes of April meeting - 5 minutes
  3. Principal’s Report [Robin] - 5 minutes
  4. Teacher’s Reports [Ms Park, Ms Leary] - 5 minutes
  5. Fundraising Update [Sandy] - 5 minutes
    1. Fundraising Goal - status
    2. Direct Donation - status
  6. 2017-18 Budget Updates [Chuck/Libby] - 1 hour
  7. Programs Update [Ray] - 5 minutes
    1. Participation Goal - status
  8. Proposals - No New Proposals Tabled
  9. Any Other Business
    1. Comments, Questions, Proposals from the floor




Rohan Chandran

WVPTO President 2016-17